Baton Heritage Ensemble

Steeped in the traditions of ring shouts, Negro Spirituals and gospel, blues, and jazz, the Baton Heritage Ensemble was established to educate communities about their rich Black musical legacy.

As Black people became more integrated into mainstream U.S. society, various genres of these cultural expressions (particularly jazz and the blues) fell out of favor in some Black communities. Such music “crossed over” and got rebranded as “original” American art forms. The genesis of the music and the sociocultural elements it evolved from, however, are seldom, if ever, acknowledged or revered.

The Baton Heritage Ensemble recruits Black men and women who are serious not only about singing but who also understand the value in learning the history of the music they perform. The ensemble’s primary mission is to educate audiences, through performance, about the signature sounds, emotions, physical movements, and improvisational elements that stem from traditional Black music.

For more information on how to join the Ensemble, please contact us, or email us at:

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